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Vensel Creek (GRUPE) Channel Improvements

Vensel Creek (GRUPE) Channel Improvements 2018-01-09T22:54:20+00:00

Project Description

In 2010, the City of Tulsa contracted with Meshek to design a two phase project for a permanent solution to the scouring that had developed around the GRUPE channel (a diversion of Vensel Creek, tributary of the Arkansas River). The diversion was constructed by land developers in the 1980s in an effort to bring land out of the floodplain for development. Though the channel was critical, there was insufficient energy dissipation where the channel dropped into an earthen section, resulting in massive scouring of the downstream channel.

Phase I included a design to:

  • Dissipate the energy
  • Eliminate the scouring conditions
  • Fill the 20-foot deep scour hole

Meshek further performed hydraulic modeling and developed an energy dissipation structure that could be expanded at a later date, if necessary.
Phase II included:

  • The development of an expanded drop structure
  • The design of a permeable paver low flow channel, permitted under a Nationwide CWA

The completed channel was approximately one-half mile in length and included articulating blocks and turf reinforcing mats. The finished Phase II project was bid for $1.9 million; both phases were completed on time and within the budget.

Our objective was to create a channel that City crews could easily maintain, and the City has stated that they are very pleased with the project outcome.

Project Estimate
Construction Cost: $200,000
Notable aspects of the design include a topographic survey, LID Alternative Analysis, cost estimates, and obtaining a 404 Permit.