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Rural Water System: GIS Inventory

Rural Water System: GIS Inventory 2018-07-24T03:52:16-06:00

Project Description

In 2009, the City of Stillwater commissioned Meshek & Associates, PLC to research, field verify, and develop an interactive Geographic Information Systems (GIS) map of the City of Stillwater Rural Water District No. 1 (RWD #1) Water Distribution System. Meshek additionally performed extensive easement research to verify recorded instruments and identify related issues for this project.

Implementing a GIS like the City of Stillwater makes it easier to manage, maintain, and upgrade your rural water system. Initially, Rural Water GIS begins with a GPS inventory of the existing systems. In many rural water districts, the water system inventory has been unreliably kept. As maintenance traditions are passed down from one generation to the next, this institutional knowledge is often lost. It is during these times that the value of having a GIS inventory of the water distribution system and its appurtenances comes to light.

Having a comprehensive and spatially accurate GIS inventory ensures that the system will be well-maintained going forward.

In addition to helping maintain institutional knowledge of the water system and appurtenances, a GIS can also assist with:

  • Managing Water Distribution
  • Maintaining Water Quality
  • Planning for Future Growth
  • Communicating with your Constituents (via a Web-Based GIS Map-Viewer)

GIS is beneficial for both quality and convenience of data inventory. It can be implemented to provide a single, reliable digital inventory that may be used for modeling and water quality, asset management, and accounting purposes.

GIS may also be enabled for desktop editing and mobile access; inventory taken in the field can be automatically updated via any smartphone or tablet.