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R.L. Jones Airport Drainage Improvements

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Project Description

Meshek & Associates, LLC provided civil design and construction inspection services for the R.L. Jones Airport under the Drainage Improvements Project totaling over $7 million in cost. The work began in 2001 with the preparation of a Drainage Master Plan to address existing drainage issues. This initial phase of the project included:

  • Preparation of a Geographic Information System to facilitate the Hydrology and Hydraulics Analysis
  • Documenting of all Survey Data
  • Studying Information in the GIS Format used by the Tulsa Airport Authority

The Master Drainage Plan resulted in the recommendation of several drainage improvements to be completed in the following three phases:
Phase I, completed in 2006, included the design and construction management services for a 78-inch storm sewer outfall from North Birch Street to the Arkansas River. Because this outfall pipe penetrated the existing levee, extra precautions were taken to ensure that flood protection was not compromised during the construction of this improvement.

Phase II, completed in 2007, continued the improvements constructed in Phase I to include extension of the 78-inch trunk line from Birch Street to the airport property. This phase of the work also included improvements to the conveyance of a stormwater system (from the northeast portion of the airport property to the detention facility in the southeast corner) and enhancement of the existing detention facility to accommodate additional flow.

Lastly, Phase III of the project, completed in 2010, concluded the construction of drainage improvements on the airport property (from the southeast detention facility around the south, and west up to the westerly entrance). Enhancements included additional storage at the south end of the existing runways and in the southwest corner of the property. The runway safety zone was also improved during this phase.

Project Estimate
Construction Cost: $7,000,000
Notable aspects include the design of a new 78-inch Levee penetration, and enhancement to existing stormwater conveyance and storage facilities.