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Quail Creek Drainage Improvements

Quail Creek Drainage Improvements 2018-01-10T15:18:48-06:00

Project Description

The City of Oklahoma City contracted with Meshek & Associates, LLC to improve the drainage facilities on the Dry Creek Tributary of Quail Creek. The channel along this 1,200-foot stream reach, extending from Oak Creek Drive to the Quail Creek Country Club golf course, was experiencing bank erosion that jeopardized private property and municipal utilities.

The alternative evaluation process focused on the main issues of erosion control along this reach of Dry Creek. Upstream detention facilities had reduced the flow rates enough that most of the flooding problems had been eliminated or greatly minimized.

The project’s conceptual design considered several types of bank stabilization and included:

  • Working within constrained right-of-way
  • Hydraulic Analysis to determine a channel size
  • Preparation of Construction Plans

To facilitate the acquisition of a nationwide 404 permit, the channel bottom was left natural and gabions were recommended on the side slopes to create a stable, natural looking channel. Parallel sewer lines were also designed along each side of the channel to collect waste material from adjacent properties.

The final design addressed all channel constraints and created the best fit to minimize intrusion into the adjacent yards.

Project Estimate
Construction Cost: $1,650,000
Notable aspects of the design include a combination of erosion control and bank stabilization in a confined corridor.