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Kingfisher Grant Administration and Acquisition

Kingfisher Grant Administration and Acquisition 2018-01-10T15:27:12-06:00

Project Description


The City of Kingfisher leveraged $2.0 million in State Bond funds as a local match for FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP). The grant application, prepared by Meshek, included hydrologic analysis of Kingfisher Creek, benefit-cost analysis, data collection, historical and archeological clearance for all properties, public meetings, and extensive coordination with OEM and FEMA.

After their HMGP grant was approved in 2011, the City of Kingfisher again contracted with Meshek to manage the grant and perform land acquisition and relocation services.

Of the 48 properties included in the voluntary acquisition program, 34 were acquired and demolished.  Because of this, 34 properties have been removed from harm’s way.  In addition, 9 Repetitive Loss (RL) Properties were removed from the State of Oklahoma’s RL list.

During the 3-year grant process, Meshek generally served as the City’s extended staff. Services included:

  • Grant Management: including Fiscal Record Keeping, FEMA Reimbursements, Quarterly Reports, Coordination with OEM and FEMA, and Project Close-Out Audit
  • Land Acquisition Services:
    • All owner contacts and offers
    • Relocation Studies and Advisory Assistance, using the Uniform Relocation Act (URA), totaling $270,000
    • Coordination of closings on 34 properties, totaling $2.9 million
    • Management of:
      • $250,000 in appraisals and reviews
      • $80,000 in Phase 1 Environmental and Asbestos Studies
      • $75,000 in abstracting, title work, and title insurance
      • $420,000 in Demolition Services

Project Estimate — Costs were 75% FEMA Reimbursable
Grant Management: $270,000
Land Acquisition and Relocation Services: $440,000
Notable aspects of the project include leveraging the City’s $2M into an $8M FEMA HMGP grant.